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Society and Mythology

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Today's Society and Mythology
 Need to understand the concept?

Even though Mythology is one of the less known subjects, mythology is constantly being slowly used more and more. Ray Harryhausen has produced many movies such as Clash of the Titans which are surrounded around classic myths. But the old myths are slowly dieing, but recently I took the time out to scan through the channels. I stopped on a kid station to find a movie called Atlantis 2: Milos' Return. I was completely lost at the beginning, since I didn't watch the first, but I started noticing mythology. And recently I saw a commercial for the movie Son of the Mask and one of the antagonist is the god Loki. Even on Ebay you can find merchandise of mythology. Many more computer games are being produced surrounding mythology, such as the Age of Mythology series. More and more books are being produced around mythology, and I was talking with my aunt who said she was reading a book that's character had wings and was named Icarus, after the mythological son of the inventor Daedalus who made both of them a pair of wings. Perhaps this is the slow return of mythology. Perhaps we will get so entangled into mythology, that we will eventually return to the religious status as it was in the ancient days. For already our religions are spreading into denominations, for we all have disagreements on the declaration of faith and how to do it. Our world is influenced by many religions, Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Vodun, Buddhism, Hinduism....etc.......maybe our world has not changed, and that man still, like the ancients, is looking for that faith. Maybe one day we will accomplish what the ancients didn't, and all agree on a single faith, but it is that faith that kept the ancients going on and has influenced modern day products.