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Quick Facts

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Quick Facts
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 Name                                    Occupation of Divinity
Zeus                                King of the Gods/ Lightning/ Justice
Hera                                 Queen of the Gods/ Wives/ Home
Demeter                                    Agriculture/ Fertility
Poseidon                                        Sea
 Hermes                 Messenger/Thieves/ Sports/ Guide of Souls
 Apollo                            Sports/ Medicine/ Archery
Artemis                Chastity/ Archery/ Hunting/ The Wild
 Ares                                           War
Aphrodite                             Wild Passions
Hephaestus                      Smithing
Dionysus                        Wine and Drunken Revelry
Athena                          Crafts/ Military Defense/ Wisdom
Major Greek Heroes
 Name            Connection to the Gods       Most glorious deed
 Heracles           Son of Zeus                  The     Twelve Labors
 Perseus            Son of Zeus           Slaying the Gorgon Medusa
Theseus            Son of Poseidon        Slaying the Minotaur
Oedipus            None                          Outwitting the Sphinx
Achilles   Son of Thetis the Nymph  Fighting in the Trojan War
Odysseus       Favored of Athena  Ten Year Travels from Troy
Atalanta            None                     The Calydonian Boar Hunt
Jason     Favored of Hera  The Argonauts and the Golden Fleece
  Major Egyptian Deities
 Name                         Occupation of Divinity
Ra                           King of the Gods/ Sun
Isis                             Magic
Osiris                          Fertility/ Underworld
Set                            Storms/ Chaos
Horus                          Vengeance
Bast                          Fertility
Sekhmet                       War
Nephthys                    Underworld
Shu                            Air
Thoth                        Wisdom/ Scribes
Hathor                       Love/ Fertility
Tefnut                       Moisture
Nut                           Sky
Geb                          Earth
Nun                          Primordial Waters
Anubis                      Underworld
Major Norse Gods
Name                       Occupation of Divinity
Odin                         King of the Gods/War/ Death
Frigg                        Queen of the Gods/Love/ Fertility
Balder                       Love/ Beauty
Loki                          Mischief
Thor                         Lightning/War/ Strength
Hermod                     Messenger
Heimdall                   Watchman
Skadi                         Ice
Njord                        Sea
Frey                          Love
Freyr                        Harvest/Rain
Tyr                          War
Major Mythological Wars                
 Names                                       Generals
The Trojan War              Agamemnon vs. Hector
Titanomachy                  Zeus vs. Atlas
Ragnarok                      Odin vs. Loki
Olympians translated to Roman
 Greek                 Roman
Zeus                   Jupiter
Hera                   Juno
Poseidon             Neptune
Demeter             Ceres
Hermes              Mercury
Apollo                Apollo
Artemis              Diana
Athena               Minerva
Dionysus           Bacchus
Ares                  Mars
Aphrodite          Venus
Hephaestus        Vulcan