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Title: King of the Gods
Divinity: Lightning,Justice, Wisdom, etc.
Parentage: Rhea and Kronos
Bio: Rhea, being heartbroken by Kronos' endless feasting upon each child she bore, she hid Zeus away and had Gaia raise him. Zeus returned, and with the help of a poison, made Kronos vomit up Zeus' brothers and sisters. They rebelled against the Titans and after the Titanomachy, Zeus was crowned King of the Gods. He was the father to many gods, most not by his third and present wife Hera, due to the fact he was a philanderer. Only once did a rebellion happen against him, and that was by Hera, Poseidon, and Apollo, and with the help of the nymph Thetis, he escaped from imprisonment and gave them their just desserts.
Name: Hera
Title: Queen of the Gods
Divinity: Marriage, Married Women, the Home
Parentage: Kronos and Rhea
Bio: When she left the belly of her father, Kronos, she joined with Zeus against the Titans. After Zeus' first two marriages with Metis and Themis, he came after her. At first she refused, but when Zeus transformed into a bird in a storm and Hera showed compassion, she married him, but she grew furious as he seduced other women. Her anger extended not only to the women, but to the children that are born by these unions.
Name: Hermes
Title: Messenger of the Gods
Divinity: Messengers, Heralds, Thieves, Boxers, Runners, etc.
Parentage: Zeus and Maia
Bio: When Hermes was born to Maia, he snuck out of his cave-home and stole the cattle of Apollo. He placed shoes of bark and branches, backwards, on all of the cattle's feet and brushed the marks away, seemingly like they disappeared. But Apollo caught him eventually. But Hermes played the newly invented Lyre and Apollo agreed to let the stealing of the cattle pass if Hermes gave him the lyre. They agreed and Apollo took Hermes to Olympus where he became an Olympian. There he carries messages and also gathers the dead.
Name: Apollo
Divinity: The Arts, Archery, Beauty,Light, etc.
Parentage: Zeus and Leto
Bio: Apollo was born to Leto and he and his twin Artemis both wanted some bows and arrows. Apollo was given a golden bow and golden arrows which inflict fiery deaths to the victims who are unlucky enough to feel the point of the arrows. Apollo always was faithful to his father, Zeus, except for the one time when he decided to rebel against Zeus along with Poseidon and Hera, but that was a failed attempt and he was forced for a year to do the labor of a mortal.
Name: Artemis
Divinity: Archery, Virginity, Hunting, Moon, etc.
Parentage: Zeus and Leto
Bio: When she was born with Apollo, she asked Zeus for her heart's wish. She wanted a silver bow and silver arrows, a back of dogs, and wanted to be young and chaste forever. Zeus fulfilled all of the wishes, but told her that she could change her mind on being eternally chaste any time. Artemis was protective of her virginity and chaste beauty, and no man was permitted to even gaze upon her body in full glory, without punishment. But Orion, the Hunter, was the man who was closest, but sadly he died.
Name: Dionysus
Divinity: Wine, Revelry, Theatre, etc.
Parentage: Zeus and Semele
Bio: Zeus came to Semele in mortal form, but Hera as an old hag tricked Semele into convincing Zeus to allow her to see him in full divine glory. Zeus did so and when he was revealed in a form of lightning and thunder, she was burnt up, but Zeus took the unborn child and placed in his thigh till birth. Dionysus was born and taken under wing of the Satyr Silenus. Dionysus was known for his followers, the Maenads, who were women who would get drunk and kill all in their path.
Name: Athena
Divinity: Wisdom, Crafts, War, etc.
Parentage: Zeus and Metis
Bio: Zeus was told that Metis' first child would be better than him, and if another child should be born by Metis, it will defeat Zeus as he did to Kronos, and Kronos to Uranus. So Zeus tricked Metis into turning into a fly, and swallowed her. One day he had a headache and had Hephaestus slice his head open, and emerging came Athena in full armor. Athena stood by many heroes, and remained humble, only loosing her patience at some times. She had an especial rivalry towards her rash half-brother Ares.
Name: Hephaestus
Title: Smith of the Gods
Divinity: Smithing
Parentage: Zeus and Hera
Bio: When he was born, Hera was so digusted by Hephaestus' looks, she threw him from Olympus. He landed in the water where the nymphs took him and taught him the craft of smithing and crafting jewelry. When he came back to Olympus, he became the Smith of the Gods. But when he sided with Hera in an arguement between Hera and Zeus, Zeus threw him off Olympus, and he eternally made his one leg (some accounts both) lame. He returned to Olympus. He was given Aphrodite as wife, but he was told she was cheating on him with Ares by Helios. Hephaestus made a contraption in his bed that caught Ares and Aphrodite in the act.
Name: Aphrodite
Divinity: Love
Parentage: Zeus and Dione or born from foam
Bio: Aphrodite is best known by emerging from foam in the sea. When she came to Olympus, the gods began to fight over her. Zeus gave her to Hephaestus, who gave her a belt which made her even more irresistable than she already was. She was the Greek's version of the modern day 'ditsy blonde' who cares about beauty and gets everyone else in trouble. Her affair with Ares got her caught in a cage/bed made by jealous Hephaestus. She had many other affairs with other gods, including Hermes, and possibly Zeus.
Name: Ares
Divinity: War
Parentage: Zeus and Hera
Bio: Ares was hated by pretty much everyone, with the exception of Aphrodite. He was a god who loved and laughed at gore and battle, but he himself was a coward whenever he got hurt, and so gods hated him for both battle prowned and cowardice. His companions are each gods of some destruction or problem, but his constant companion is Eris (Strife).
Name: Poseidon
Divinity: Water/Sea
Parentage: Kronos and Rhea
Bio: He was gifted the trident and given the sea after the Titanomachy and he ruled over it well. He married Amphitrite, though he had many other affairs, his children ending up as Cyclopes many times. He, like his brother Zeus, ended up birthing a few heroes, like Theseus, who in a way, kills Poseidon's grandson, the Minotaur, and in a way, he is killing his own nephew. He was most of the time fine with his kingdom, except for when he joined Apollo and Hera and rebelled against Zeus.
Name: Demeter
Divinity: Agriculture
Parentage: Kronos and Rhea
Bio: Demeter joined her brother Zeus after the Titanomachy and they birthed Persephone. Demeter and Persephone were practically inseperable, till Hades kidnapped her, and Demeter went into depression. During depression, she neglected the crops, and everything died. Zeus intervened and convinced Hades to let go of her, but he tricked Persephone into eating six pomenagrate seeds, and in the end, Persephone has to spend six months with Hades, six with Demeter. During the sixth months with Hades, Demeter goes into depression again and brings winter.

In later Greek Culture, the Greeks added two more gods to the roster of Olympians: Hades and Hestia, the brother and sister of Zeus. Hestia according to mythology gave up her seat for Dionysus, but they figured that all of Zeus' siblings should have a throne as Olympians. Hades was given a spot, but like always, he perferred the Underworld.