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Need to understand the concept?

 I personally took a poll to a chat room and asked in their opinions, who did they think was the greatest King of the Gods: Zeus, Odin, or Ra. 60% said Zeus, 20% Odin, 20% Ra. Now, even though this is a simple poll, it seems to me that more people know the name Zeus, rather then Odin or Ra. For some reason, the name Zeus is more popular and you could walk up to a person and say, hey who was Zeus, and they would answer the King of the Greek Gods most likely. But not too many people you can walk up and say what was the name of Zeus' Uncle who was the personification of the Ocean Sea ( Oceanus). Perhaps simply the name of Zeus has went around and a certain idol of a lightning bolt wielding god has spread, but few know the true myth of Zeus. I can say most likely only 25% or less of those who said Zeus in my poll know he is a philanderer in Greek Mythology.