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Need to understand the concept?

 Ammut- Egyptian Monster of the underworld, the creature has the head of  a crocodile, the body of a lion, and the back of a hippo. It remains in the Hall of Double Justice of Osiris in and compartment under the scales of Anubis. Anubis weighs the heart of the dead against the feather of Maat, which represents the perfect balance of good deeds and heinous deeds. If the heart is either too heavy or too light in comparison to the feather, the compartment with Ammut rises and Ammut eats the heart, throwing the dead person in a perpetual coma.
Argus Panoptes- Argus was a hundred eyed giant and he was a faithful servant of the Greek Goddess Hera. When Hera captured the love of Zeus, Io, in the form of a cow, Argus was sent to guard her. Argus was the perfect guard because even when he was tired, he would rest only two eyes at a time. Hermes tricked Argus by telling him a long and boring tale and slowly Argus closed all of his eyes, and then Hermes killed him. Hera took the eyes of Argus and placed them on the feathers of her sacred bird, the Peacock.
Basilisk- The basilisk is the King of Serpents, which is birthed from a yolkless egg laid by a seven-year old rooster during the days of the star Sirius and hatched by a toad. Basilisks have two species, one that burns all that it approaches, and the second which kills anything with a mere glance. The only way to kill the creature is to use a mirror and let it glance at itself while staring away and it will die of its own glance. Basilisks are afraid of weasals and cocks. The weasal is immune to the gaze of the Basilisk and can heal by eating rue, while the crow of the cock causes instant death to the Basilisk.
Behemoth- According to ancient Biblical and Judaism beliefs, there are two mighty creatures, the Behemoth and the Leviathan. They are mortal enemies, the Behemoth male and Leviathan female. They will finally clash at the Judgement Day, when they will both be destroyed by God. The behemoth is similar to an elephant, rhino, crocodile, or a rather large beast, commonly attributed with a horn. o
Centaurs- Beast with the torso, arms, and head of a man but the has the body of a horse, the are believed to of been offsprings of the King Ixion and a cloud, which he mistakened for the goddess Hera while invited to Mount Olympus. They are followers of Dionysus and are rowdy. Their two main loves are wine, and maidens, both they will hastily steal. Few Centaurs are wise and more civilized.
Cerberus- A monster who is born of the monster Echidna, according to original legend, he had one hundred heads, but according to other legends, he has three heads, which is the more known legend. He was chosen by Hades to be the guard dog of the underworld, his post at the River Styx. It allows the dead the pass through, letting no mortal in intentionally, nor let any mortal, alive or dead, out. Only once has Creberus been out of the underworld and that was when Heracles came and dragged him out, soon returning him.
Chimera- A beast that is part Goat and Lion with a snake for the tail, it terrorized the Lycia with fiery breath.  The hero Bellerophon with Pegasus flew towards the Chimera and shoved a spear with wax on the end. The fiery breath of the Chimera melted the wax and it melted into the creature, which caused its death.
Dragon- Dragons come in various species and appear across the entire world. Some are known to be evil creatures, while others are to be wise and carry secrets. Several body parts of the Dragons are suppose to carry alchemic properties, such as the dragon eye, heart, etc.  They are known to be hoarding creatures, stealing jewels and guarding them.
 Dvergar- Dvergar is the Norse name for Dwarf.  Dvergar are known to forge mysterious weapons and jewels. At times they can be benevolent spirits, but at others they are mischevious. They, as a security measure, place curses on their treasure if it gets stolen.
Echidna- The mother of all monsters, literally, of Greek Mythology was the consort of the hundred headed dragon Typhon. She was had the upper half of a women, the lower half of a serpent like monster, she mothered, by Typon and her son Orthus, the Chimera, Cerberus, Hydra, the harpies, Gryphon Vulture, Sphinx, Ladon, and other creatures which are unnamed. On a mission, Argus Panoptes slew her.
Erkling- The King of the Germanic Dwarfs, he was nefarious for leading humans, especially little children, into his woods and killing  them.
 Erinyes- The Furies, these three sisters are Alecto, Tisiphone, Megaera. They are in Greek Mythology the dealers of retribution. They would haunt those who have commited horrible crimes with their gaustly appearence as horrible hag-like monsters with wings. The Greeks called them by as Eumenides, meaning kindly ones, because according to legend calling them by their other names would cause their wrath to be upon them and bad luck to surround the person.
 Fairies- Fairies are noted by all mythologies and legends. They are magical creatures, of all shapes and sizes, who use their magic either for good use or mischief. The fairy world is sometimes the same world as the gods, such as in Celtic Mythology who the Otherworld is both the world of Gods and Spirits (including Fairies).
Fenrir- Fenrir or Fenris, the creature is the child of the Norse God Loki and the giantess Angrboda. The wolf monster was brought to Asgard, but the gods were alarmed how it was rapidly growing. In fear, they chained it several times, but each times it broke free of its fetter. The gods were finally given the chain Gleipnir, made out of impossible things, and it was unbreakable. They told Fenrir that they would release him after they put it on him, and Fenrir said he would only allow them to do so if one God placed their hand in his mouth as a sign of faith and trust. All the gods except Tyr, the Nores God of War, was brave enough to do so. He placed his right hand in the monster's mouth and began to put the chain on, but when Fenrir realized it was a trick, Fenrir closed his mouth, thus biting off Tyr's right hand. At Ragnarok, Fenrir will break free and release Loki from his own chains. Fenrir will fight against Odin and eventually swallow him, but be killed by Odin's son, Vidar.
Gargantua- A Medieval Europe Giant, he was famed for his large appetite. The very word " Gargantuan" came from the giant due to his large size and equally large appetite.
Garm- Garm is a four-eyed ferocious guard dog of the realm of Hel in Nifleheim. Garm is so ferocious that he must be chained. At Ragnarok, Garm will break free and attack against Tyr, both dieing fighting each other.
Geryon- A Three-Bodied giant of Greek Mythology, he kept cattle which were guarded by his brother Orthus the two headed dog. He was practically unstoppable, but when Heracles came to steal the cattle, each body was struck by the poisonous arrows of Heracles, in result killing the giant.
Gorgon- The Gorgons are the three sisters of Greek Mythology, Medusa,Stheno, and Euryale, who have snake-like bodies of scales and hair of snakes. Their faces are so monstrous that they could petrify any mortal by one gaze. Medusa is the only mortal Gorgon, while Stheno and Euryale are immortal. Their is no evidence in Greek Mythology for their to be other gorgons, but their is a chance.
Grendel- An Anglo-Saxon monster, it was half-man half-monster, and a descendant of Cain. Grendel terrorized the hall of Hrothgar. He was eventually killed by Beowulf and his mother too was killed by Beowulf.
Griffin- Sometmes Gryphon, the monster has the body of a lion, but the head, beak, wings, and talons of an eagle. It is known to guard treasures, sometimes it has been assigned to do so, and other times it is treasure it has hoarded.
Harpies- Monstrous creatures which are  hag-like monsters with wings, they are known to pick up children and of the sort. They make food smell foul and terrorize whole country sides.
Hippocampus- The Hippocampus( sometimes Hippocampuses) pulls the chariot of Poseidon. It has the body of a horse, but in place of legs, it has one long tail like a fish with two legs in the front which are webbed.
Hydra- A multi-headed monster, it was feared by many. Heracles was sent to slay the monster, with the help of his nephew Ioalus. He tried loppin the heads off, but with every head lopped off, two grew in its place, and one head was immortal. So Heracles lopped each head off while Ioalus would burn the empty neck so none could grow in its place. For the immortal head, Heracles lopped it off and placed it under a boulder. The blood of the Hydra was poisonous, so Heracles dipped his arrows into the blood.
Jinn- Jinn is also known as Genii or Bottle Imp, they are mentioned in fables like Arabian Night's Alladin. They posses items like bottle, or lamps, or rings. They give their possesor magic beyond all imagination and grant every wish, but sometimes they are evil creatures. It is said that should you come across one and buy it not knowing the evil, you cannot throw it away, for it will always come back and you must sell it for less than you bought it, otherwise you are doomed to eternal damnation.
Jormungand- The Norse Serpent, it was a child of Loki and the Giantesss Angrboda. The serpent was immensely large and surrounded the realm of Midgard. Its arch-enemy was Thor, whom he went against several times. At Ragnarok, Thor will finally kill Jormungand, but will die of the poison that drips from the carcass on Jormungand.
Kappa- A Japanese monster with the body of a tortoise, the head of a monkey, and limbs that are lined with scales. It desires to be treated with courtesy, otherwise it will try to satiate its love for human flesh. The only way to humble a Kappa is to trick it into bowing, since on the top of its head in has a bowl with water, and once the water seeps out, it loses its strength.
Kelpie- A Celtic monster, it takes multiple shapes and most of the time that of a horse. It tries to trick women into riding on it and then it runs into the water, drowns the person, takes them to its lair, and eats the victim. It sometimes takes the shape of a man, but it ends up being a man with kelp in its hair.
Kraken- A Scandinavian monster, it is fabled to be as large as an island, and in the shape of either a serpent or an octopus/squid ( sometimes even a whale). When it lays on the water surface sleeping, it can be mistakened for an island, and sailors will camp on it, but when it submerges, it drowns the sailors. It is said it will rise to the surface and reak havoc at the end of the world.
Ladon- The hundred headed monster guards the tree of the Hesperides. It is never sleeping. Heracles slew the beast so Atlas could steal the Golden Apples of the Hesperides which can only be picked by an immortal.
Leprechaun- A Celtic dwarf-like fairy, it is known to be mischevious, but also helpful. They are known shoe-makers, and also keep secret pots of gold. It is said that if you capture a Leprechaun, that it will be forced to reveal the hiding place of its gold, but sometimes it tries to trick the mortal into releasing it.
Leviathan- An ancient creature, it is the rival of the Behemoth. It is known as a serpent, a whale, or any marine creature of evilness. It will fight against the Behemoth at Judgement Day, but be smoted by God.
Manticore- A mythological monster that has a human head, a spiked tail, and a voice that is similar to flutes and different instruments playing in an orchestra of loud sounds. It is known be quick and when people disappear out of no where, it is blamed on a Manticore.
Medusa- Medusa was transformed into a Gorgon by Athena after she and Poseidon were intimate in her temple. Medusa stayed with her sisters in their lair. The hero Perseus eventually came and cut of her head. Perseus gave the head to Athena, and she carried it on her breastplate.
Minotaur- The legendary child of Queen Pasiphae and a bull, King Minos watched as this horrid creature grew, half-man half-bull. He placed the creature under the palace in a Labyrinth. The creature would be fed 14 Athenian youths, seven men, seven maidens, to satiate its hunger. Eventually, Prince Theseus came with the help of Princess Ariadne and slew the Minotaur.
Nemean Lion- A monstrous lion, it was massive and could not be harmed by weapons. Heracles came and strangled the beast to death. He flayed the beast and wore its skin as a cloak.
Orc- A marine beast, it is known in fairy tales to be evil and devour people, men and women alike.
Pegasus- When Perseus decapitated Medusa, emerging from the oozing blood came Pegasus, the winged horse. Pegasus roamed the country-side wild and was eventually found by Bellerophon, who tamed him using the golden bridle. Bellerophon and Pegasus slew the monster Chimera and Bellerophon later attempted to ride him to Mt. Olympus, but Pegasus was stung by a giant gadfly. Pegasus became a messenger of Zeus.
Phoenix- The Phoenix is a fiery bird which is known for its magical powers. It is known to live for many eons, and when it dies, it burns into a pile of ashes and from the ashes emerges a new baby Phoenix.
Questing Beast- This hybrid beast has a snakes head the body of a leopard the back legs of a lion and the hooves of a deer. It was noted to have the baying of thirty dogs. It is quick and in the Celtic Mythology to of been chased by King Pellinore.
Re'em- According to Judaic Legend, two exist. They are gigantic, and were created on the Sixth Day of Creation. Only tow exist at a time, because the earth cannot support more than two. One male and one female, they live on opposite ends of the earth. When they come together after seventy years, they mate and the female kills the male. The female is pregnant for 12 years until it stomach bursts, killing it, and two twins, one male and one female come forth and they seperate, going their seperate ways till seventy more years.
Roc- A gigantic species of large birds, there is scientific proof that they may of actually existed, just flightless. According to the Arabian Night's The Seven Voyages of Sinbad, he encountered large birds which could lift up elephants and large boulders. Marco Polo noted that he recieved from Madagascar a large feather of the bird. If they truly existed, they most likely went extinct during the sixteenth century.
Safat- A curious bird, it flies constantly and lays its egg in mid-air. Only the shell reaches the ground, and should an animal eat part of the shell, it will go mad.
Sphinx- A creature mentioned in both Greek Mythology and Egyptian, the Greek version is a half-woman, half-lion, winged creature whihc guarded the road to Thebes. The Sphinx asked the riddle " What walks on four legs in the morning, two at noon, and three in the evening" most ended failing and were killed by the Spinx. But Oedipus answered it correctly, man, for a babe walks on all fours, a full grown man walks on two legs, and an elder needs a support, such as a cane. In Egyptian Mythology, the Sphinx is a guard of the Pharoah and his possesions, and there are different species of the sphinx.
Troll- Trolls in Norse Mythology are evil creatures live in woods and mountains and terrorize people. Sometimes they steal children and leave their own in the place. They are evil creatures and sometimes have magic. Most are dumb, but some do posses intelligence. In later Norse, the Troll became the helpers of Dvergar in their forges.
Unicorn- The unicorns are mystical horses with one horn. The are known to be of silvery color and ride mysteriously. They are benevolent creatures and their horn and blood have been known to carry alchemic properties.
Vampires- Vampires are Scandinavian bodies of the dead who refuse to lay dormant. They fly and suck the blood of mortals to sustain life.
Werewolves- Werewolves are people in many mythologies who transform into a wolf. This is due to either a curse or some other problem. Their have been historic accounts of werewolfs by even Herodotus, who met the Neuri, who were Scythians who would each year transform into a wolf for a week or two.
Yeti- The Yeti are creatures who live in the Himalayas. They are divided into three species: Rimi, Nyalmot, and the Raksi-Bombo. They all carry the same characteristics, reddish hair ( some claims to be gray), foul smelling, extreme strength. They make a whistling like sound, and according to rumor to be favorable of alcohol. The legend spreaded to the Western World and have taken up other names, such as the Abominable Snowman, and have taken the shape of the creature which roams the hills, Sasquatch.
Ziz- A bird noted in Biblical and Judaic accounts, it is supposed to be extremely large. It is protective of its young, and is supposed to be served at the messianic banquet at hte end of the world with the Behemoth and Leviathan.