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Beowulf Versus Grendel
 Need to understand the Concept?

 Beowulf was a rather unknown figure, for there is no other story that carries his name before this. But the major part of the story Beowulf is that Hrothgar returns from battle and his hall is terrorized by the creature Grendel. Beowulf, like any good hero, jumps at the chance and comes to Hrothgar's aid. He waits one night for the arrival of Grendel, and when Grendel comes slinking in, Beowulf out of strength alone rips off the monster's arm. This act of course spurns the vengeful mother of Grendel, who comes to the halls of Hrothgar as her son did, and this time, Beowulf follows her to her lair. He finds a sword and with it he battles her, eventually slaying her/ According to the tale, he succeeded Hrothgar and lived in prosperity for many years, but a Dragon comes and terrorizes his land. So, Beowulf is accompanied by his faithful soldier Wiglaf and together they slay the beast, but Beowulf sadly was mortally wounded in the chaos.

Grendel is an odd half-monster, half-human beast that is even further oddly living in a lair with his mother who is equally as odd. Though since the tale of Beowulf is from the Anglo-Saxons, you could say he is part of Celtic Mythology, but according to the tale, Grendel was a descendant of the Biblical man Cain, who was rejected by God after murdering his brother Abel out of jealousy. So with that, the tale could be derived from Judaism or Christianity, but still, it is an odd tail that is neither in the Torah or the Bible, so it is perhaps a simple tale made up to please the audiences and had some real accounts to make it more interesting. But besides that, Grendel grew angry at Hrothgar after he and his men came home victorious from battle and were celebrating through the nihgt. So every night he would come into the halls and kill some of the men. But the hero Beowulf comes and rips his arm off. In his dieing moments, he crawls back to his lair to call upon his mother and tell the deed of Beowulf, and she of course demands retribution by doing the similar tribute that was demanded by Grendel, but she too meets death at the hands of Beowulf, who slays her in her own lair using a sword he found. And thus the end of that lineage, and in the tale, Beowulf doesn't confront anymore relatives of Grendel, and thus none of his family killed Beowulf.